Too much trouble tolog in

why so hard to log in?

When did it become difficult to log in? I just logged in a few minutes ago with no problems.

O.E. ?? (operator error). I’ve never had any trouble.

Or do you mean, why the registration process to get a username and log in? That’s pretty routine for many web activities. But you only have to do it once.

Typing skills? Already I see 3 errors!

There are only two possbilities as I see them:

A problem with the computer’s browser settings.
A problem with the way that the OP is operating the computer in his/her attempt to log onto the site.

Your computer may be slow. There is a “remember me” box that makes sure that you don’t have to log in. That’s what I use.

I have a old Pentinum 4 that I use for web browsing and it works fine on this site, I don’t think the problem is “slow computer”.

Gal dang interweb what the heck?

You might have deleted all your cookies and the program had a hard time recognizing you.