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Is this just me or what? Where did the login window go that always popped up to the left of the car questions page?

Maybe your CPU is remembering your login, as is mine.

Actually, the links for viewing and editing profiles are gone, too.

Good question, this is why I had trouble logging in yesterday.

The only way to log in now is to click on “post your reply” & then the login screen comes up. Go figure.

I couldn’t log in yesterday or today. I clicked on the ‘submit a car question’ button which led to a link for log-in after it rejected my question. This same question, actually. I tried to log in, but was rejected and told to register. Incredibly, I was told that my username already existed. Fortunately, I also clicked on the ‘log me in automatically’ box. I was magically logged in when I went back to the car questions page. I also sent a question th the web lackies; maybe they can help us with this puzzle.

Thanks group.

I guess I’ll click on the automatic login and fugettaboutit until that stops working too. Tsk tsk tsk.

I have had the same problem tonight, I still haven successfully logged on

The sad thing is, they built the site from scratch rather than use existing forum software.

Tandy TRS-80 computer

Same question here. Only two days ago the log-in window was there and poof and it is gone?

Hey Tom & Rey come back from vacation and get this fixed:).

I also can’t view my profile and quickly revisit my the threads of my last three posts. And why limit it to just my last three?

the tandy is a little too HIGH TECH.

still rollin !


In the meantime it might be helpful to try this dedicated login link. The profile link is still missing, but at least you won’t have to rely on auto-login.


We dusted off our TRS-80 workstation and resolved the issue Sunday night. Thanks to all those that tipped us off to the problem. The best way to notify us of problems and to make suggestions is through the support form here:

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