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Tires and road marking paint

My tires picked up fresh white paint on the sidewalls from line painting. What’s the best way to remove it?

Probably a plastic putty knife. The sidewall is far more flexible than the road paint, so it should come off easily.

Thanks. It’s a thin, almost foggy smear, not something that can be pried off. Also, it’s about 3 weeks old.

Try a simple scrubbing pad or a wire brush.

Thanks…now I need to rephrase the question. Some of this paint is on the rocker panels and a couple of inches on the lower doors. I didn’t see that previously. It’s my wife’s car and it happened about 3 weeks ago. She only told me about it today. What should I use? I’m thinking polishing compound, unless there is something better. If it matters, it’s a '98 Camry, dark blue, and I think clearcoat.

goof off try 1, bug and tar remover try 2, rubbing compound try 3, scrubbing pad maybe 7, wire brush 1000.

Try NuFinish Scratch Doctor. I’ve used this to remove paint scuffs from vehicle finishes.

And don’t worry about the tires. The paint will eventually be abraded off from road debris.