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Road construction paint!

Its the season of road construction- everywhere the new lanes are being painted

how do you remove the paint that has splattered on the side of the car from the wheels driving on it without destroying the car paint and finish? any idea what remover works safely? (

I’ve used bug & tar remover successfully. It’s available almost anywhere including WalMart.

Turtle Wax markets two types of Bug & Tar Remover.
One is a combination of wax and bug/tar remover, and this product comes in a spray bottle.
The other version comes in a can with a dispenser cap, and does not contain wax.
The latter product is far more effective, and I recommend it strongly.

Thanks fot the add-on. I didn’t even know they sold a spray bottle version.

I use the second version, which I suspect to be an extremely fine abrasive in a suspension. My can is so many years old I can’t remember when I originally bought it. It’s probably outlasted the company that owned the store that I bought it from.

My can of TW Bug & Tar Remover is at least 20 years old!