How do you remove house paint from my car?

I recently marked both sides of my cadillac (Diamond Pearl White paint) with the beige rubber piece that hangs down by my garage entrance. It marked the car with a lot of paint but no damage.

Does anyone know how to remove this? My husband (not a happy camper) has tried rubbing compound, goo gone, and WD 40. None of these have worked.

We are trying not to ruin the paint job on the car.

All advice is appreciated.

If that pearl white has clearcoat over it, your paint job may already be toast. Have you examined under indirect light the place where he used rubbing compound?

I have successfully removed vandal’s spray paint from clearcoat using carburetor cleaner or tar remover on a rag, but be sure you test it on an inconspicuous spot first, because I have also dulled spots in clearcoat with strong solvents.

Your problem, however, is very different from spray paint. It sounds like you have dry latex paint that has transferred to your paint under a lot of physical pressure, much like a pencil makes a mark on paper. I would expect that your best hope is mechanical polishing using a very very fine abrasive and a lot of time and patience. Without seeing it, I fear that the prognosis is not good.

Ask a detailer or body shop for suggestions.

You can try lacquer thinner but if that doesn’t do it you are back to rubbing compound, but with a rotary buffer, not by hand. If that doesn’t do it, then you are into color sanding with 2000 grit sand paper and then polishing with rubbing compound and a rotary buffer. Just let the kid at the detail shop do it.

You might try a product called NuFinish Scratch Doctor. This can sometimes remove paint scrapes from vehicle finishes.


You might try squirting thinner on a rag and rubbing lightly. I recently used it to remove spray paint from a vehicle and it came off easily, although this was spray paint and not a tri-coat paint like yours. Hope it works out.

I know this may sound ridiculous but try a kitchen white eraser scrub pad, new product that has been out approx 1 year. My daughter who has a white Honda Accord, her bumper was apparently clipped by someone in the parking lot that appeared to either had a black rubber bumper, or a black trim piece on it, she took that eraser pad to it and it cleaned it completly off whereas she tried with soap/water and it didnt work. I on the other hand have a GMC Jimmy that somehow obtained yellow marking road paint all down the side of the vehicle, I tried everything I could, rubbing compound, bug/tar cleaner, break cleaner, even bought a $15 bottle of paint cleaner from an auto part store recommended by the salesperson and nothing- 3 years later I got so aggrevated that I tried GOO GONE- with not much effort it came off- although in your comment it appears to you have already tried that, maybe try the brake cleaner- test a spot first, I have also used that on other things on the vehicle body and it worked.