Removing Paint from the car

What is the best way to remove another car’s paint off my car? I accidentally scratched my car when I was leaving the parking lot. The other car (black) was fine, but it left some paint on my car (sliver). I did some research online, and some people suggested nail polisher, while other suggested rubbing compound. What is the best and easier way to clean it off?

Start with polishing compound, which is much less abrasive than rubbing compound.
With any luck, the polishing compound will remove the black paint without harming the clearcoat finish on your car.

Try a product called NuFinish Scratch Doctor. This will remove paint surface scrapes without damaging the finish of the original paint.


When someone clipped my wife’s Sienna last week at work (Target). I consider this the start of the Holiday season. I used Meguiars Cleaner wax to remove white paint from the van.

It takes a little longer, but it’s safer than compound.

Ed B.

There is also a clay product available at many auto part stores. Which works best sort of depends on the cars and how bad it is.

Good Luck

All of these products require a lot of “elbow grease”. You will feel like you just did 500 pushups after rubbing away the excess paint. I have found out from experience. “Wax on, wax off.”

Many shops will buff this off at no charge.

I can vouch for that. It also works on the ugly black goo from when a truck throws a giant piece of a tire tread at the hood. Not too much elbow grease required either.