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Paint Problem

While backing my truck out of the garage I accidently rubbed the passenger side rear fender up against the wood garage door frame.

I now have a streak of white paint along my red truck body. No dents!!

How can I get the white paint off without damaging the truck’s paint?

Try waterless hand cleaner. Gentle rubbing with that may take the paint off. If that does not work try polishing compound (not rubbing compound). These are available at auto part stores

You might try a little WD40…test in a hidden spot first. I’ve used it in a similar situation, a little rub with a soft cloth and it came off. Just had to touch up the wax after…

Ask a body shop, many will not charge if it a 10 minute buff job.

Polishing compound. Three and a half bucks at your local auto parts store.

Thanks. I’ll give them a try

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. I have one of those lists with 101 things to do with DW-40. I’ll add this one.

Thanks. I’ll try this if some of the home remedies don’t work.

Thanks. Your the second one to recommend polishing compound. Guess it works. I’ll give it a try.

Before you resort to anything abrasive, you might want to try 100% Mineral Spirits. It will remove the transferred paint without harming the auto paint. Follow up with some car wash soap and warm water, then wax.

I’ve removed a number of these types of paint transfers. The small ones will come off with a fingernail. For larger areas, I start with Mineral Spirits first. If that doesn’t work, then it’s a clay bar or something more aggressive like polishing compound. Start light and work your way up only if necessary…