Paint Removal

I have a black toyota that has white paint marks from a parking lot incident. There is no damage other than paint transfer. A mechanic told me to use brake cleaner(acetone based), spray on a rag and wipt only the effected areas very lightly to remove.

I would like any other alternate adivse on removing white paint from a black surface without going to a body shop.


Mello Mel

A clay bar will probably work well.

I would try fine rubbing compound. After you’re finished, wax the area.

If your car has a clear coat finish, Easy-Off oven cleaner will remove the offending white paint without damaging your finish. Test on a hidden area first…Just apply the cleaner, let sit a half hour, and wipe off…

I’d go in steps, escalating if needed…clay bar, then car wax, then (very) fine rubbing compound, I’m not sure about Easy Off, that’s pretty harsh stuff…how about WD-40 or goofoff, etc?

Thanks. This sounds like a logical approach. Clay bars??? Available at a toy store??

Nope, Autozone, etc, Meguiars is a good one. It’s a clay bar and spray that you use to remove dirt/contaminants from the paint surface.

The clay bar should be with the auto wax products. If you can’t find it, ask at the counter.

This can be buffed off easily. Why not go to a shop? They are not going to hog tie you and force you to pay to much. Ask for a price and it’s up to you to yes or no. I get this kind of situation at my shop once in a while and I do not charge for it. I simply tell them to remember our shop if they need collision repair in the future and these future customers go away tickled pink that we did not charge and thank us profusely for our great customer service.

Go to a shop and see how much they would charge, asking does not cost anything.

Here’s what I use to remove paint scrapes


I have used car wax, denatured alcohol and lacquer thinner. I don’t recommend lacquer thinner or carburetor cleaner.