Tire Rotation with Sensors

If I choose to rotate tires on the T & C with pressure sensors, how best to track new location on the Information System display?

Are You Doing The Rotation Yourself?
Do You Have An Owner’s Manual?
What Model-Year Is This T&C?

A dealer, doing a rotation, can reset the TPMS with a scan tool.
A DIYer should be able to find instructions in an Owner’s Manual and by following a procedure, reset the TPMS himself/herself. It’s sometimes a little “involved,” but better than paying to have it done or driving around with the tire locations not know to the TPMS.


Here is the procedure and a link to a magnet. $17 is worth trying it yourself.

Only the early TPMS require sensor location training with a magnet. Your Town and Country has receivers in the wheel wells to identify the sensor locations. No action is necessary when rotating tires.