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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica FWD with 45,000 miles. After having the tires rotated, the “Service Tire System Soon” display came on and stayed on. The Tire dealer tried to reset the display but could not. I also have a plug-in analyzer, but it tells me everything checks out OK. I’m reluctant to bring it to the dealer at this point to have new sensors installed in the valve stems (NAPA quoted me something like $45 each. Since I’ll likely need to purchase tires in the next 15,000 miles or so I though I’d wait, but it’s driving me crazy. The tires take 33 psi so I thought I’d do a little test myself before purchasing new sensors. I lowered the tire pressure on each tire individually (not all 4 at the same time) thinking I could identify which sensor(s) are in need of replacement. Much to my surprise, each time I lowered the pressure, the display would say 1 tire low. So now I’m wondering what is actually in need of repair or replacement here? The car has a space saver spare which does not have a sensor. Just to be sure, I filled the space saver spare to the recommended pressure before I did the test. Can anyone help?

My car does that when I rotate the tires too.

Read your owner’s manual. The first time I read mine I stopped at the “reset” instructions for the system. It didn’t work. I didn’t realize that I needed to read all the way to the “reinitialize” instructions. Keep reading.

Thanks. What page of your owners manual is this on? I’m not finding it in mine.

My car us a tC, so it’ll be in a different place in the manual than yours. My points are that this “symptom” is normal operation and that there is a difference between “resetting” and “reinitializing” these systems.

Thanks. I’ve read my manual from cover to cover. It says that the TPM will reset automatically after the car is driven for 2 minutes at or above 20 mph. All ahter info on this says to see you authorized dealer. So can you tell me what your owner’s manual says or what you did to get the “Service Tire System Soon” display to go out and return to normal display?

We have an 08 GM car with valve stem tire pressure sensors that have batteries that last about 5 years according to the owner’s manual. Possibly you have a similar situation but your owner’s manual is not explicit on this.

The tire monitoring system is a pretty special system. I think the problem you are having is due to the fact the wheels have been changed from the original positions they were programmed to. The sensors are working ok but the system isn’t seeing the the correct sensor reply to that position it was programmed to originally. It is out of sequence. There is an order it works with.

There is a special programmer tool needed to work with the system. A OBD2 scanner won’t work on this system. I don’t know if you can manually reset the programming or not. You would think that you should be able to since tire rotation is a normal thing to do. If you can’t get help from the owner’s manual then I suggest you call the dealer service department and see what they say about it.

Mine probably won’t work for your system. Mine uses the wheel speed sensor signals and I think yours has pressure sensors. Mine works with a pushbutton located in the glovebox. I can’t recall the protocol (I always havw to look it up).

You may want to call the dealer. They’re usually happy to read the procedure to you.

I am having the same problem with our T and C, I tried to retrain the sensors, and even took it to the dealer and they could not fix it, all tires sensors were retrained. I’m looking for help with this too.
You can retrain the sensors yourselve with a strong magnet the horn will sound as each tire is retrained, give it a try that might fix it.

I have a 2002 Chrysler 300M Special with a similar issue. I had taken it to an Autobell car wash which ripped out my tire stems (no liability accepted as per their sign). Ever since then, the TPS has had issues. It started with ‘Service Tire Pressure System’. Took it to the dealer but the computer did not return any code despite the beeping and warning message. Three of the five sensors were replaced without resolution. Eventually, another dealership replaced the EVIC (overhead module) but then I got a ‘Tire Sensor Missing/Bad’ message. Chrysler got involved but both dealerships have given up as they cannot determine the problem and both claim they have spent too much free time on resolving the issue that I originally paid them both to fix. As they see it, I am paying them to ‘look’ at the problem - there is no guarantee implied that they can actually ‘fix’ the problem. This was my first Chrysler and American car for that matter and it will also be my last.
One last thing, they suggest I retrain the sensors periodically or whenever a message comes up using the magnet donut that comes with the spare tire - it is a simple five minute procedure using the EVIC module menu and is easier with two people. Place the donut on the appropriate tire until the horn beeps and then go to the next tire. Some people have told me that these TPS systems are notoriously faulty.