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Tire Pressure

Have you heard of issues with the car alert messages regarding tire air pressure? I put air in the LF indicated low, the LR indicator increased and LF stayed the same??

You car doesn’t know which wheel is which, there’s some way to tell it. So you need to figure out how to tell it where each wheel/sensor really is. Do you have the manual?

Were the tires rotated or replaced recently. The TPMS sensors at each wheel have to be reinitialized, the procedure is in the manual.

My 2010 Cobalt has to be driven a few miles before the TPMS sensors give consistent pressure readings. The tire pressure message is handy, but I still double check with a dial type pressure gauge.

Ed B.

Check your owner’s manual for the TPMS matching procedure, page 5-73 for the 09 anyway. You need a compressor or access to one. If you have the remote access key fob, turn the ignition to the on position, depress the lock and unlock buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. The horn will sound twice telling you it is in the learning mode. Drivers side front first, the turn signal light will light-decrease or increase tire pressure for 8 seconds, the horn will chirp telling you it recognized the reading. Next passenger side front-same thing, horn will chirp. Then passenger side rear, then drivers rear. After that the horn will chirp twice telling you the process is done. Turn the ignition off and inflate the tires to the correct reading. Its simpler than it sounds but needs to be done any time the tires are rotated or changed.

That’s One More Reason That I Don’t “Revolve My Tires”. (They Rotate Every Time I Drive). What A Pain In The Butt.


Tire pressure sensors that were drunk and disorderly was one of the early warning signs for my BCM module going out. Your problem could be different. Google BCM problems on these and you can read all day.

Spock, this is a 7 year old thread . They might not even have the vehicle anymore.