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5 tire rotation and tire sensors

I have a 2008 Forester and have 5 tires in rotation and bought an extra sensor for the spare but every time I have the rotation done, only the dealer can wake-up the newest tire in the rotation and it costs extra, why doesn’t the computer recognize this as a valid tire? What can I do?

The owners manual for my 09 Rondo tells me to simply inflate any low tire & drive the car for 20 continuous miles. I played around with it and the light goes out after 9 miles.

Doe YOUR owners manual have similiar instructions or does it tell you to -OUCH- take it to the dealer?

You have to reinitialize the system…there must be instructions in your manual…I have to do it with my '05 RAV every time I rotate and it is easy to do…if my dealer does it they do it “at no cost”.

The car most likely only has 4 slots to input the sensor id’s in its computer, so when you rotate in the 5th wheel, it needs to be entered, and the other one removed, otherwise the TPMS light stays on, thinking that the other sensor’s battery died.