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Service tire pressure system come on

Had tires replace last year and service tire pressure system on my computer come on. What do this mean?

It means you must make (another) donation to the dealers boat fund for a battery replacement or some other three figure repair needed to make the light go out of you can ignore the light and check your tires the old fashioned way…

One or more tires may have low tire pressure or the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) was not reset after the tire replacement. TPMS is no substitute for checking tire pressure on a regular basis.

Check the pressure on each tire. If the pressure is ok, then use the procedure in the Owner’s Manual to reset the TPMS.

Ed B.

I will get my tire rotated and balance this weekend. Can a tire place reset the TPMS because I do not know what to do. Thanks.

You probably only need air in one or more tires (some cars have sensor in spare too). Some vehicles do require reset after rotation, don’t know about your vehicle. Virtually all tire shops, and many garages, can do this for you. You shouldn’t need to get the wheels balanced unless you feel vibration.

Low tire air pressure is a different message than “Service tire pressure system.”

i know low tire pressure is difference message than "Service Tire Pressure System. I would like to know do I need to get it reset my the dealer?

The FIRST thing you need to do is READ your owners manual, where the reset procedure should be explained. If the manual says “Just take it to your dealer”, then “just take it to your dealer” or put some black tape over the light…

Many of these new “safety features” are actually “Profit Centers”…

Many of these TPMS devices have little batteries in the wheel senders that must be replaced periodically…Wireless gizmos. Again, try reading the manual first…

Learn here

"I would like to know do I need to get it reset my the dealer?"
I doubt that you need to get it reset. I suspect that you need to get it repaired. That repair maybe that you need to have the batteries replaced in the sending units. Eight years is probably about right for that.

(Sorry, if the prior comment looked like it was directed to you. It was directed to AL5000.)

If youor car uses wheel speed sensor comparisons rather than pressure sensors your owner’s manual may have a protocol for reinitializing the system to the new references. Mine does. It’ll be a bit more extensive than a simple reset.

Before you do this, verify with a dial type gage that the tires are the correct pressure. Unfortunately, leaving a tire store with incorrect pressures is way too common.