Tire pressure sensors reading wrong wheels

2015 Chevy Equinox. I had an alert go off from a tire pressure sensor reading low, topped off the corresponding tire from a gas station air pump, and the alarm was still going afterwards. Somehow the right front tire is reading as the right rear and vice versa.

This is my first car with tire pressure sensors (first car manufactured within ten years of when I bought it in fact) so I’m not very familiar with them. Is this likely to just be sensor wires plugged into the wrong sockets after work was done? Just got the car back from the body shop after I hit a deer.

most likely: Someone rotated the tires without resetting the tire pressure monitors.

The computer only sees the 4 (or 5, if the spare has one) sensors and what they read. It couldn’t care less where they are- until you tell it where they are. A quick google search for TPMS reset for 2015 Equinox shows that you need a tool to do the reset. Check your owners manual to be sure.

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If this happened soon after the car had shop work done, yeah, most likely the tire sensor mapping just has to be reset. Ask the shop that did the recent work if they can do this for you. It’s a 5 or 10 minute job is all, if they have the proper electronic tool they’ll probably do it gratis.

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