2017 RAM 1500 - TPMS Fault

Tire pressure monitor light came on and it shows the front driver side not showing sensor. Check air pressure which is perfect (40PSI) Swap wheel with the rear driver side. Went for a 35KM drive @ 80KM/H and it still shows the front driver side not communicating. Had dealership look at it and still same problem. Please advise on what to do. Thanks


Replace the sensor, as I’m sure the dealer has already told you.

Swapping tire position won’t change the reading as you need to “train” the car to know which tire is where.

** Bran new sensor. Was done about a 2 weeks ago. Got the dealership to reset system, same problem and showing same wheel.
Even though I’ve swapped the wheel around.**

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Why did you not say this in the first post?

Try a different dealer. Tires are not under warranty by Vhrysler, the the tire pressure monitoring system should be.