Tire pressure relearn

Procedure says turn on ignition and press open/ close button on remote and than let air out of LF tire till horn beeps. Then RF and so on. My RF and LR tires didn’t cause horn to beep. So, that means sensor in those 2 wheels are bad?

Did the horn do a double chirp after simultaneously pressing and holding the fob lock & unlock buttons? If not, it may not have entered learn mode. When in learn mode, the turn signal at the corner to be learned should illuminate starting at LF. The relearn must be successful to proceed to the next corner.
The tire pressure release can take up to 30 seconds to register. If the process takes longer than 2 minutes at a tire, the system resets and you’ll have to start over.

Yes double chirp. LF chirp after letting air out for <10 sec. RF I let air out for 30sec. No chirp. I went to RR for giggles and it chirped in <10 sec. I did not notice marker lights. When I went in suv dash said learn mode.

I don’t think the RR would have worked without the RF registering. Maybe it did register but for whatever reason the horn didn’t chirp. Same with LR. Does your dash display read out the actual pressures? If so, you can change the individual tire pressures to see if the display responds accordingly.

If the TPMS detects a fault, such as an inoperable sensor, you should get the warning SERVICE TIRE MONITOR SYSTEM on the display.

Yes I do get the service Tpms system.

If you get the service warning, there should also be one or more DTCs set, with a C prefix, such as C0755 for example. Some of the DTCs may require driving over 25mph for a while to set.

@Bugmenot Yeah that’s the way my Pontiac works. When I had a bad sensor though it just displayed as “—” for one of the wheels. I don’t remember having a programming problem. The tire shop wasn’t sure which tire though so they reset it and then we waited for the error display again to positively ID the correct sensor at $80 each.

Finally got 2 new sensors. 1 wheel had rubber stem, no sensor? Duh. Tpms light is off. Tcs light was still on. Knew I had an egr code and heard the tcs will not work with a motor issue. Replaced egr today and all lights/warnings are gone. No tcs, no stabilitrak, no tpms, no cel, no abs. Took a bit of internet sleuthing.