Tire Pressure Light turns on


I changed all 4 tires about 2 weeks ago on my 2005 scion tc. A few days later the tire pressure indicator came on as I was driving. I checked the pressure using my pressure gauge, in all four tires and it was fine. Just to be on the safe side I took it in to the store that changed the tires. They checked for nails/leaks etc and said that all was fine and reset the indicator. A day later the indicator has come on again. Any clues as to what must have gone wrong?



The TPMS has to be reset after a tire change/rotation on Toyotas. My wife’s 2006 Sienna has a button under the dash to reset the system. Check the Owner’s Manual for the procedure, perhaps the dealer did not reset it correctly.

Ed B.

full sized spare? check it.