Car Tire Pressure Light Comes On and Off

Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping to get some explain and maybe some help as to why my car tire pressure light keeps on coming on when I’m driving on high speed on Freeway?

The bizarre thing is sometime, if I got off Freeway AND drive on the surface street long enough, the light will disappear, BUT if I’m only driving on a short distance after getting off Freeway, the light stays there.

I don’t think the distance that I’m travel after getting Freeway has anything to do with the light disappearing on long distance versus staying on a short distance, but I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the same result every time. I was thinking that probably it has something to do with the fact that when I’m driving on a bumpier road, this will shake up the sensor somehow and causing the light to disappear.

Also, this happen to me a while back I had my car accident that the front right tire got hit. But slowly the problem seem to disappear without me noticing it. However, no after having my tires rotated and balanced, this problem reappearing again.

I don’t mind the light as far as I know it doesn’t cause me and my family and grave danger when driving on Freeway.

Also, on a side note, there’s an occasion clinking sound when I’m backing up my car into garage. I think it has anything to do with this, but this only happen occasionally, again after the accident. And I did took it back to the mechanic right away the first time around I heard this, but he said there’s nothing wrong with it, and we couldn’t produce the problem at the time. The problem still persist though.

Thank you very much for the help.


The TPMS has to be reset when a tires are changed or rotated. The TPMS light on my wife’s 2006 Sienna has come on after a tire rotation. The 2006 and prior Siennas use an indirect system that uses the ABS system to determine if one tire (due to low pressure) is turning at a different speed than the others. 2007 and newer measure tire pressure directly with sensors at each wheel.

The Owner’s manual has directions on how to reset the TPMS somewhere in its +500 pages. On the 2006, it’s a matter of pushing the reset button below and to the left of the steering column.

Nothing beats regular checks of tire presure with a good quality dial type pressure gauge.

Ed B.

In support of Ed’s post, the TPMS has to be reinitialized…rather than reset. Resetting only resets the system after a low pressure condition is corrected, but to the same baseline. Reinitialization of the system establishes a new baseline reference. I learned this the hard way.

Your manual describes both protocols.