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Tire pressure sensor

2005 rav4 tire pressure light is on.

The tires are over size. All are up to pressure (29lbs)
It says 29 on the door. I can reset the pressure light but it comes back on.

Is this one of the cars that has a sensor in the spare tire? If so, check the pressure in that.

I did check the spare. Pressure was good and it’s on a different rim. So I don’t know if it has the sensor. The light comes back on minutes after resetting it.

This vehicle has an indirect TPM system, no sensors.
The system should be “Re-initialized”.

Here is some information from a Toyota bulletin;

Determine if the system must be reset or re-initialized.
Reset — The system requires “reset” after the light is “ON” and air pressures have
been adjusted or a flat repair was performed and the same tire has been reused.
(If the tire was replaced, initialization must be performed.)
Re-initialization — The system requires “initializing” after tire, wheel or suspension
component replacement, after alignment, or after rotating the tires.

A. To reset the TPWS (does not require initialization), press the TPWS “SET” button,
hold for 1 – 2 seconds until the TPWS light turns off, and then release the button.
This resets the tire pressure system monitor.

B. To re-initialize the TPWS, such as after rotating or replacing tires, press and hold
the TPWS “SET” button until the TPWS light blinks 3 times in 1 second intervals.
Release the “SET” button after the light completes 3 blinks.
This clears all memorized system data and starts the initialization process.
After this procedure has been performed, it will be necessary to drive the
vehicle to complete the initialization process.

That sounds like a plan. I will try the 3 blinks thing.


Pushed reset once
It reset but wouldn’t blink
Pushed reset again and lt blinked 3 times.
Now for test run

If the warning indicator reappears inflate the tires to 35 psi.

So far the light has stayed off

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