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Low tire pressure indicator - 2007 VW GTI

The low tire indicator came on because I have a screw in one tire. I filled the tire with air (only driving tomorrow 1/2 mi to tire store) but the indicator is still on. The tire pressure was holding at 31psi, so I don’t see why the indicator would still be on.

Will it go off automatically when the tire is fixed? Will the tire repair people reset something? Will I need to mess with VW warranty service (would sooner shoot myself)?


You might give reading your owners manual a try…Don’t expect much from the tire store guy, he is not into VW nag lights…

I read the manual. It talked about replacing the tires, not a puncture.

A little benefit of the doubt of the poster’s intelligence would be nice. If you don’t have the patience for questions tonight, don’t answer them.

Do you know how many people come to this message board with questions that are covered by the owner’s manual? Caddyman made a reasonable assumption here, sad to say.

Caddyman gives good advice and he was civil about it. Reread the manual, there should be a section in the manual about resetting the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light. If there isn’t then you will have to take it back to the dealer to have it done.

The TPMS in two of my vehicles (Toyota - ABS based and Chevrolet - tire sensors) needs to be reset after the light comes on. I still prefer my 25 year old dial pressure gauge.

Ed B.

Caddyman was right. The owners manual should cover this. The sad fact is most owners don’t read them.

Sometimes a reset is needed. Hopefully manual explains how you can do it.

A tire shop will reset the indicator as it is part of their service now, (usually for a fee). If a tire shop does not know how to deal with TMPS, RUN!

Back from a chain tire shop, Just Tires. They charged $23 total, which included the reset. It was also done in the 45 minutes they said it would take. Nice!

Actually, in this case, the owners manaul does not give you all the information you need. It turns out that you will need to take the air pressure up 3-4 psi over the door placard vaule and then release air to get back down to the correct pressure. This actually resets the TPMS in a late model VW.