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Timing belt and?

OK you guys convinced me to change the timing belt on my 1998 - 4 Runner with 38,000 miles (it’s the V-6). While apart, what else should be changed?

Most people do the water pump at the same time, since the labor is already covered.

Since the water pump in your Tacoma’s engine is driven by the timing belt, it’s a good idea to replace the pump at the same time, although at only 38K miles it may not be necessary.

If you decide to replace the water pump I’d say a new thermostat and radiator cap should be included. How do the hoses look?

There are pulleys to inspect, and if any of them are questionable they should be replaced.

If there is any leakage at the camshafts this is the time to install new seals.

Agree; an 11 year old vehicle, even with low mileage, will need some items replaced that deteriorate with age. With the engine exposed we might as well do all those things and save $$, and also ensure another 11 years of good service.

Replace all the drive belts since you had to remove them anyways…I’d also replace all radiator hoses since you probably had to disconnect them…And might as well replace the thermostat.