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Timing Belt and whole shebang

Hi. I have a 1999 Toyota 4Runner, and it’s time to replace the timing belt. The water pump also has a leak, so that’s on the list too. My question is this: One mechanic I talked to recommended also replacing the other components that touch the timing belt. I apologize that I can’t recall what they’re called, but he showed me a picture and he was referring to the wheels (pullies? gears?) which act as tensioners on the belt. What’s the consensus? Is he up-selling me or is this a good idea since we’re going to have the whole thing opened up already?

It’s not such a bad idea to change those parts which are related to the timing belt . . . the water pump . . . belt tensioner . . . springs and so forth . . . they won’t add much to the price and are part of the re-installation anyway. A new pulley? I can’t see how that would matter, but if you trust this mechanic . . . follow his advice. Rocketman

I would go ahead and replace the tensioner along with the timing belt. Why gamble?

I suggest replacing the tensioner also…As for the “gears”??? No…They don’t wear out. If this was a chain then I’d agree…but the belt isn’t going to cause any wear on the gears.

Change them all!
Do not be one of the people after a pully fails and takes out the water pump and other stuff that says I wish I would have replaced it all.

      DO IT ALL!!!