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Timing Belt 98 4 Runner

I have a 1998 4 Runner that I bought new. I have taken good care of it, mostly in a garage, but not every night. Changed the oil and filter every 3,000 miles. Sometimes more often.

It has 38,000 miles. I know you advise changing the timing belt at 60,000, but am wondering if I should not do that now?

Yes, do it now. 10 years is pretty long, and you are worried about it. You know you will replace it sooner or later, so just do it, get it over with, and stop worrying.

Timing belts have a mileage AND TIME interval for replacement that should be listed in the owner’s manual. I promise that it’s not 11 years, so get that belt changed as soon as possible. Rubber deteriorates with age as well as mileage.

Agree; all timing belt change schedules have mileage and elapsed time. You are long overdue at 11 years.

On 4cyl also do water pump and tensioner