Timing Belt on a 4Runner

Hi, I have a 2001, 6cyl, Toyota 4Runner. It has only 38000 miles, despite the age. Should I replace the timing belt because of its age or can I wait until I reach 60000? Also, if I am replacing, should I replace the waterpump too at the same time?

Thank you.

usually replaced at a specific mileage or time period, which ever comes first…the rubber deteriorates with age…non-interference engine which means if it breaks no damage to engine…replace all belts and inspect and replace water pump …cheap to to it at the same time…

Open the owner’s manual. It will tell you when the change is due. It should list both distance and time. It is whichever comes first. Follow that advice. If you are thinking about pushing it remember serious engine damage is likely if it is an interference engine or just totally stop working if it is none interference.

It’s most likely time to change it. I wouldn’t trust it after 8 years, no matter the miles. Time is as much a factor as miles. And, this engine has a timing belt-driven water pump. Change it, too.