Timing Belt

I need to replace the timing belt of my car. Any suggestions on what else I should check and get replaced while this is being done? Mileage is 170,000. I have a V6 engine (CE).

Thank you

Water pump should be replaced at the same time along with the timing belt tensioner and any oil seals that are under the timing cover (cam seals, crank seals, oil pump seals, etc.). In addition I would replace the serpentine belt/accessory belts at the same time since it has to be removed to access the timing belt.

Might As Well Go For A Tensioner Pulley (If It Is Not Integral) And Any Idler Pulleys, Too.

Any of these parts failing can leave you stranded, cause an accident, damage your engine, and require that the entire job be repeated.

Discuss this with the mechanic who will be doing the work, if possible . . . the mechanic, not the service writer. Maybe they can show you these parts on a car or diagram to help the discussion become more meaningful.

Do you know if any of the parts that have been mentioned so far have ever been replaced, besides a timing belt ?

Good time for a coolant flush if it’s been 2 or three years or more, while the water pump is being done.

You don’t say what model-year this vehicle is. I can’t look it up without one, but you do know for a fact that you have a timing belt ? Some cars have long running chains, instead.

What is the model-year ?


The tensioner pulley (and anything else you should need) should come with the timing belt as part of a kit. Make sure your mechanic orders the whole kit, and not just the belt.

With 170,000 miles, I am willing to bet the crank shaft seal is leaking. If it is, replacing it during the timing belt job (along with the water pump and the rest of the belts) should save you money on labor.

Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your reply.

It is 1997 camry CE. Thank you for the tips. I did discuss to the mechanic. I think he thinks I knew what I was talking about!