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Toyota 4Runner Maintenance

I have a 2000 4Runner with just 35K mi. on it. Have changed oil every 3K mi. and just had recommended 30K service performed. Dealer says I should now have timing belt and related seals replaced($600) because vehicle is over 6 years old. Maint. manual says to do it after 90K mi. or 6years, but only on Avalon, Camry, Camry Solara and Sienna. Should I have it done now on a 4Runner, or am I being ripped off?

The 4-cylinder has a timing chain, which requires no maintenance. The V-6 has a timing belt, which should be replaced at the interval listed in the owner’s manual.

Which engine does your 4Runner have?

I have a V6, so I guess I should just bite the bullet and get it done. At the rate I drive, I’ll probably never get 90K mi. on it. Just didn’t realize the time (six years) was critical. Thanks.

For belts, time is critical. Rubber breaks down with age. You should have your tires checked, as well. UV rays from the sun speeds up this break down, and tires can start to show cracks along the sidewall as the rubber gets weaker. If the tires are also original, you may ahve a potential disaster on your hands.