4Runner Timing belt

I have a 2001 4runner v6, just turned 92k miles - to-date I have religiously maintained this vehicle - fluid, filters, plugs, etc.

I know the the manual specifies 90k for timing belt change, however I am in a situation that is going to require me to stretch this replacement to about 96k at worst. How big of a chance am I really taking - I realize that a timing belt failure on this vehicle can be catastrophic, I just cannot get this done in the next 60 days. HELP!!

The change interval on my wife’s 06 Sienna is 7yr/90k miles whichever comes first. If yours is the same, then the 4runner is 2 or 3 years overdue. I would be more concerned about time, not mileage. I would get a loan if I was in your shoes.

Good luck,

Ed B.

Yes its risky if this is a …engine where if the belt break valves ect get damaged. However my money would be on an uneventful 60 days.

Interference engine and timing belt breaking = New engine. Can you afford a new engine? Feel lucky? My guess is you may have already used up most of your lock on that belt. I would only drive it to the mechanic, or maybe have it towed.