Thoughts on Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400

Looking at a 22 Q60 and watching review videos.
Anyone had experience with this car? Thanks for your input. Other car considering is 22 CLA 35AMG. They are about the same price.

Already tired of the “21 MB CLA35 AMG” you bought a year ago ?

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I saw the Q60 while traveling and have been interested in it. Not tired of MB but can’t have both lol Thanks

You are going to take a bath if you trade this soon and this is a lousy time to be purchasing a vehicle . maybe you need a less expensive hobby.

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It is a lousy time to sell your car, values are too high.
Wait 5 years to purchase a new luxury car and pay $10,000 more due to inflation.

Is he spending your money?

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Friend had 2 g37’s and has a top level qx50 now. He loves it. He wanted a qx60 but passed. The 400hp gas cars might not be around for long so I would look into it.

If you switch cars this often, maybe you should consider leasing. As long as your mileage doesn’t exceed the limits of the lease, you should not have extra due when you return the car.

Leasing usually doesn’t make financial sense, but it might for someone that changes cars more often than some people change their, ummmm, socks. :wink:

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Wonder what the percentage chance of someone with a 2022 Infiniti Q60 actually seeing this post?

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You are correct. I had no right posting this question on a general discussion board on a website called Car Talk. I’ll find an Infiniti enthusiast site and post there. Thank you, Cavell. Your response was all that I requested. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I was given one for a rental actually not the red edition but the next one down from that and it was nice. Fully loaded. Very quick with plenty of power at any speed.

Handled well it was generally quiet when cruising and I liked the styling. The interior I was not too impressed with. Particularly the double display screen. Extremely overbright and distracting at night and lot’s of backlight bleeding into the blacks. Definitely not an OLED nor particularly good LED display. Kind of cheap I wanted to turn it off.

The front end was unbelievably scratched due to how low it is to the ground and indeed I went to go park and sure enough I scraped the bottom of it on the parking stop.

You have to be very mindful plus the doors are quite long and getting out can be a little difficult in tight spots.

It was a nice rental although I’m not sure that I would want to spend that money on that car there might be better choices out there. But that display screen was a big turn off.

Display adjustments are typical; push “Menu”, “Screen” and “Display settings”.

This vehicle is available with a front park assist camera so you don’t hit curbs or parking stops.

Thank you for sharing your experience and for the info on turning screen off (adjusting) and parking sensors. I passed on the vehicle for now but still find it an attractive car. Have a great summer!