Hey Mercedes MBUX feature. What can it do? Not do?

I recently purchased a 21 MB CLA35 AMG. It’s been an enjoyable car so far. The MBUX voice feature offers assistance with things like phone, texts, navigation, radio changes, climate, etc. By saying ‘Hey Mercedes,’ the assistant will address my requests. Cool. However, on YouTube there are videos where the voice assistance recommends restaurants, tells a joke, basically converses a bit. I’m wondering if these are staged or actual features. The manual tells me nothing so I’m left wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if my car and other models have differing features. I would not probably bother except this is a highly touted feature by MB. I bought my car out of state so I can’t easily go to the dealer for a demo. Again, I’ve watched the MBvideos - but there are plenty independent videos illustrating these additional capabilities. Just wondering why. Any assistance is welcome. Thanks!

You need a Mercedes Forum as I doubt if anyone here has one of these . Do you not have a dealer near you ? Try doing what you see on those videos .

there may be another setting in the voice assistance that needs to be turned on.

you may not live close to a dealership, but you can try calling one and asking them.

MBUX is the speech recognition system.

Personal assistance for directions, restaurant recommendations etc is a feature in the Mercedes Me Connect App.

I didn’t think of searching Mercedes Me. Thank you for this information. I sent a request to customer service. Thank you again

Thank you for your post

I agree. I haven’t had luck on the forums there - posted over the last week. Even though there may not be specific MB posters, I do usually receive solid suggestions and directions. I appreciate that. Thank you for replying.

You should be able to go to ANY MB dealership for help.


Is there not an owners manual in the glovebox?

Yes, but I did not find a list of requests/phrases. The MBUX system is given an overview but no specifics that I found.

Why can’t you visit a local MB dealership to have your questions answered?

I can. I’m not that far from a dealer.

That would be your best bet.

Well, instead of asking anonymous strangers–who, in most cases, don’t own that MB model–for information that might (or might not) be correct, you should go to the closest MB dealership.

News Flash: If and when you need warranty-related repairs, you can also go to any MB dealership, instead of driving to the selling dealer in a distant state.

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Thank you for your reply

These people are not interested in discussing the MB concierge service, they have asked for you to go away. More time is spent here discussing a used car purchase in 1965 than modern automotive features.

It is not that people do not want to discuss the Mercedes in car version of Siri . It is that the number of people who have used it is low and the chance of anyone who has see the post is even lower. It appears that saying to check with the dealer ( seems like the logical first step ) or spending time looking at what appears to be many You Tube Video’s is frowned on.

Of course just having the neighbors 10 year old kid set in the car with you would solve all the mystery in 20 minutes .

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Every person’s situation is different. I purchased the car a month ago. The inventory in my area was/is nonexistent, so I bought the car out of state. It was delivered to me. The salesperson did go over the car with me, but this system is new (since 2019), and I have never owned a Mercedes. There aren’t any people I know personally who own one. That first review with the salesperson was helpful, but I realized in the subsequent days that I had a few questions.

I did ask questions via email to the dealer out of state. They referred me to YouTube for the MB tutorials. But there I also saw private tubers who review these features. My car didn’t include some of these features.

I’m new to my city and had established my service with the nearby dealer via phone call after I bought the car. They are about an hour away.
I work daily and now on Saturday. Until I can set up an appointment and drive over, doing the research myself online and on forums is my

I figured I could ask a question on forums for clarity. Does my system do all these things I see on YouTube? Or maybe not? What I have learned in my brief experience with Mercedes is that vehicle features (and updates) vary widely even within a model.

I thank you again for your time. Since the MB forums didn’t yield results, I posted here. There is much experience here. I’ve learned from it over the years.

Happy weekend :sunglasses:

We’re jealous that we can’t afford one. Drive on and enjoy your sweet ride. Who knows? In ten years we might start buying AMGs like yours. :wink: