Next car after 2011 Camaro?

I’m driving a 2011 Camaro RS convertible. This is a very fun car to drive. I’ve been thinking what might replace it if/when new car fever should hit. I like a comfortable car and automatic. My car is a v6 and has more than enough power. I like leather, Bluetooth, convertible if possible. What models should I consider in the future … meaning spring/summer possibly? Thanks

How much are you willing to spend? Is a 2 seat car OK? Do you want another convertible? The Infiniti Q60 convertible is sweet, but starts at $50,000 new.

Buy a copy of the Consumer Reports New Car Buyers Guide, which is available at Barnes & Noble, and other large news stands.

That publication will give you the complete details on every model sold in the US marketplace, and that will certainly give you more information than asking for random suggestions from anonymous strangers with unknown agendas.

Partial information is only a little better than no information, so you should buy that publication in order to get all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

Good advice. Price range under 40k, but I agree … the Infinity would be very nice. Happy Holidays!

I’ve always been puzzled as to why someone who already has a late model car they love goes looking for something different. But, if you must, VDC has given you the best possible advice.

I’d look at the new Mustang.

Planning to see one next week. I’ve heard they are really nice. I’ve seen one or two on the road - beautiful car. Just wondering what the Camaro might be like for 2016?

This is like deja vu all over again. I feel OP is replacing his Camaro at the right time. The outgoing Mustang was head and shoulders better and the new one with independent rear suspension is a whole other ball game as far as riding comfort is concerned. Give it a try !

So, any car under $40,000 is OK? What about a used G60? There are a lot of choices under your price point.

The main problem with the Infiniti is the trunk. Top up it is quite small. Top down there is a tiny slot at the very back. I’m not sure I could even fit my pool cue in there (I have a large case). Otherwise, it’s a beautiful car. It’s a folding hard top, nice for an everyday car. The Miata also comes with a very practical folding hardtop as an option, and it doesn’t reduce the trunk space at all. It folds into the space the soft top would otherwise occupy. Not a good car for the tall. At six feet I already feel a bit cramped in it.

There aren’t a lot of affordable options. The VW Eos has a nice top mechanism, but it’s getting old now and it never was an especially pretty car. The new Mustang looks very appealing and the automotive press loves it. I suspect the convertible top will be much like the old one. They seem mainly to be made for the rental agencies as their standard convertible. Is your Camaro needing replacement, or is this just wanting a new toy? If so, the Mustang will be an improvement, but not a dramatic change.


I was going to suggest a Hellcat :smile: I’m not a Ford man, but I would suggest a newer Mustang with a V6. These are nice looking cars, should be reasonably reliable, and are nearly as quick as the older V8 models.

Yes, 2015 Mustang Convertible with either the V6 or the EcoBoost Turbo 4. Either will be zippier than the much heavier Camaro and get good fuel economy. The 2015 model has independent rear suspension like the Camaro and rides better than the earlier cars.

I’m partial to the Ford but then my online name IS Mustangman :wink:

@Mustangman: I started out with GM cars when I first started driving, and my family only ever owned GM cars when I was a kid. I’ve had GMs, Mopars, Fords, a Toyota, and driven most everything. I came to dislike Ford vehicles when two of them that I had let me down at critical times, and I really think Ford engineers were sadists, especially during the 80s. I came to like Mopar vehicles when I needed a car badly and bought a $100 beater that just wouldn’t die. I’m warming back up to Ford these days, especially seeing what GM has manufactured in the last few years, and with their reprehensible shucking off of their unprofitable bits when the auto market crashed, leaving so many of their employees, partners, and dealers high and dry. It’s hard to not like the Mustang :slight_smile:

I have not warmed up to ecoboost as yet. The carbon build up problems are still an issue…especially after warranty periods. Using after market carbon cleaning can harm your turbo and the basic six in the or the 8 cylinder seem perfectly adequate on the Mustang . The mileage figures on these ecoboost motors are highly suspect. They may be close under ideal flat road non accelerating conditions, but they will use substantially more fuel like all motors do when you accelerate. Two many moving parts, and too little gain…go with the six or eight in the Mustang.
Besides, if you want ultimate and not relatively good economy out of a Mustang, you bought it for the wrong reason. Still recomend the new Mustang with “old” motors.

@oblivion, Since I worked for GM and was one of those shucked off (and bankrupt) parts divisions, GM is not in my “buy window” ever again. I’ve had good Fords, like them and will continue to buy them. To Ford’s defense, most US car makers built junk in the 80’s.

@dagosa, I like turbo’ed cars a lot. My wife has had 2 (both for over 80K miles). Both got good mileage and had great power. Economy was good to great depending whether you kept it out of the boost. You are right, though, the V6 and V8’s are good, proven choices. Both will give you surprising mpg’s - if you keep your foot out of it. My older 300 hp 4.6L V8 gives 25 mpg highway, the new V6 betters both!

Looking at a new Mustang this week. Thanks for the input

@CamaroBeachGuy: Just make sure you test drive a lot of cars before you commit. Don’t get fixated on one car until you’ve tried a bunch. If nothing else, you will have no future regrets if you’ve taken some time before you’ve leaped.

@Mustangman: Most of my beef with Ford has to do with some of their questionable 80s and 90s engineering. (Though why my gf’s Escape doesn’t have a recirculate/fresh air button or lever on the HVAC is unfathomable)

Great advice. Thanks