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The woman who moved from L.A. to Cleveland

She then complained Cleveland is boring. Reminded me of decades back when David Letterman called Johnny Carson (after the latter had retired to a hilltop near Malibu IIRC).

Letterman: “How’s it going?”

Carson: “It’s great! The mudslides are putting out the brushfires.”

OK, I’ve lived in northeast Ohio most of my life. Yeah, the winters are long, and Cleveland’s part of the rust belt, and we haven’t had a sports champion in 50 years, but we sure are getting the bum rap. We have one of the world’s greatest hospitals, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the country’s second largest theater district, a great downtown night scene, a new convention center, a 98% apartment occupancy rate, and the Republicans are coming in 2016.
I was just in LA. Its highways at 2 AM are what we call traffic jams, but I won’t go on. Lake Erie is as pretty as the Pacific and it has islands and one of the biggest amusements in the world.
Someone must love Cleveland - good ole’ LeBron bailed on us 4 years ago and was the most disliked athlete in the country. He came back and professed his love, and now he’s the most popular. So you all must have a soft spot for us somewhere.