The guy wanting to tow Uhaul rom Dallas to Philadelphia should rent a truck and car trailer

Rent a truck - I’ve always used Penske - and a trailer for your car. Then again, do you really need to go back to Phiiladelphia? Why not consider taking some time to see what might work out in Texas. It’s a big state. One experience does not a State make - said from experience. But if you have to return to Philadelphia, check out the cost of the small Penske and car trailer. Give yourself the chance that @#$@## employer didn’t. Good fortune to you!

Keep in mind the shows are all repeats. This guy probably moved to Philly 5 or more years ago. Having said that, new takes on old shows are always welcome. My daughter moved to her first job with a small U-Haul behind a Chevy Beretta 4cyl. I told her to go 50-55 mph and she made it fine (but no mountains). I would have suggested the caller take a southern route through Georgia.

I must have been in denial about the show’s ending. I didn’t know until today that the show ended in October of 2012. I recall hearing about retirement. Can’t blame them, but can certainly take issue with there being no disclaimer at the beginning of the rebroadcasts. It seems fraudulent to hide the fact, and I think it is being hidden. Doesn’t help that I feel foolish writing about something that happened years ago, although although all this remains relevant. Yeah. I’m angry that there is a pretense of continuance. Don’t misunderstand - I welcome the broadcasts.

I’m glad your daughter made it safely. The southern route through Georgia would put you on the longest hideous road in the U.S., perhaps, through Pennsylvania. Kathump kathump kathump kathump. Man! I hate that road.

Another alternative is to haul the stuff to Philly in a rented truck, and somebody else drive the car, following the truck. Or just leave the car behind. Then fly one-way from Philly back to Dallas to pick up the car and drive it back to Philly.