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I am from ft wayne indiana

In listening to your most recent program today…during the Pledge Drive where you ask for money…you made disparaging remarks about Ft Wayne. Yes, we ARE the home of the Pistons, the birthplace of Carol Lombard (Clark Gable’s wife), the burial place of Johnny Appleseed and many other important ventures.

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? You minimize us then ask us to give you money???


This can be paid by your singing the Johnny Appleseed Song.

By the way, from which Cambridge do you originate…England, Maryland, Ohio or maybe Massachusetts.

Where Is Indiana?

I guess people from Fort Wayne can’t take a little ribbing. I’m from Pittsburgh so make all the jokes you want.

FYI Click and Clack are in Cambridge MA (which they repeat on every show.)

Having a sense of humor is a great asset, especially when listening to Ray and Tom, who are relentlessly given to poking fun at everyone–including themselves. Their self-deprecating humor is done in a spirit of fun, as are their comments about “The Summit City”

If they can laugh at themselves, you might try to follow their example.


If you truly ever listened to the show you would have noticed they make more fun of themselves and where they live then anything or anyone else. It’s called HUMOR.

And they are from Cambridge Massachusetts. Read their BIO’s found on this website to learn more. Lighten up.

I’ll pass your grievance on to Tom & Ray. Since they frequent this board so often and everything…

Agree that Tom & Ray make fun of everything. Sometimes they erroneously refer to some place as the Backwoods, such as the time they called Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia an automotive third world backwater. I happen to be living there at the time and in my apartment building parkade there were 2 Rolls Royces, 6 large Jaguars, 15 Mercedes models, including several sport coupes, cars from Korea, Japan, Europe (Opel, Citroen, Audi, VW, Renault, etc.) and the local car company, Proton, which also owns Lotus soprts cars.

The variety of cars there was astonishing; the only thing missing was US-built big 3 cars. But there were plenty of Jeeps, as well as Land Rovers, and all manner of Japanese vehicles, many unavailable in the US.

this is why radios have dials or buttons on them…don’t like what you hear ? , change the station ! I agree with the others here, it’s just humor , lighten up. When you know the context in which Tom & Ray spew their “equal opportunity offender” jokes then it all falls into place. Out west here we have so diverse an ethnic mix that if you’re ever offended by somones remarks, you’re in the wrong town. Here we give as good as we get and when you get used to it, it’s actually fun.

you are taking this to was a joke.if this is all you have to worry about.what is your rest of your day like.

Yes, we ARE the home of the Pistons, the birthplace of Carol Lombard (Clark Gable’s wife), the burial place of Johnny Appleseed

If these are the top three things that come to mind from an actual resident, I can’t imagine why anyone would make fun… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You should hear what Massachusetts people say about those of us in NH…

But we just laugh. After all, they have the Big Dig!