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Of interest; Nostalgic article about the show and post-show


That was a well written article. I used to listen the the show when I cut my lawn on Saturday mornings. I’d roll my eyes at some of the callers and Tom and Ray’s snappy answers. It was a good, long run.


And continues to be :slight_smile:

I hope the Car Talk website gurus will eventually post some of the earliest of the radio shows on the NPR podcast page. Even if all the calls are about 1970’s carburetor choke-pull-off problems will still be fun to listen. hmm … I’ve had a 1970’s carb on my truck all these years that uses a choke pull off and somehow the pull-off has never failed … well … yet … knocking on wood … lol .


That’s a wonderful article. On my list of famous people I’d love to sit down and have a beer with, Ray is definitely up on the list. And I actually still listen to the show whenever I mow the lawn too. That’s really special that he still listens to it so he can hear Tommy and remember the good times :slight_smile:

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I still listen whenever I can. My local NPR affil stopped running the show, unfortunately, but I grab podcasts when I have time to listen. Even my wife was a fan, and she doesn’t care about cars.

My dad got me hooked on them when we would be running errands on Saturday mornings. My wife would initially roll her eyes when I’d turn them on, but even she grew to enjoy listening to the show too :slight_smile:

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