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Don't like NY?

Yesterday, December 13, I caught a brief comment from a woman who said, “Down here, you don’t want to admit you’re from New York” or words to that effect.

Where was that?

I don’t mind admitting I’m presently from NY, even though I lived in Delaware where they had segegated restaurants for a few years. Idiot scum.

NY is fine with me. So where is it that anyone will try to give me a hard time about living in NY?

Are you referring to the Car Talk show from December 13? I think the caller, Karen from Boston, didn’t want to reveal what area of that city she lives in. She eventually said she was from the Jamaica Plain section of Beantown.

Some New Yorkers need to develop a sense of humor…

Are you really starting a discussion about a non-automotive commment some caller made?

Why start this discussion in the “Repair and Maintenance” forum instead of the “The Show” forum?

Get a good night’s rest and consider switching to decaf.

Oh, and calling someone “idiot scum” says more about you than her. Get a grip.

Tourists in Maine may not get a hard time until after they’re gone. Then the stories are everywhere. If you say “they’re just like on Seinfeld”, They will ask what the heck you’re talking about. They just LOVE to hear that your son is a lawyer who works for the Environmental Protection Agency. If you lock a door and find out that there isn’t a key that matches that lock, you will become another “those dumb tourists” story. Darn fool brought TWO hair dryers with him.