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Irascible, cogent, cantankerous

those car talk guys are so smart. i love listening to them - and broadening my vocabulary. way to go guys. thanks for doing your show.

p.s. your fair city was no so inviting as i passed through it this summer. i just wanted to saunter around harvard square and see the sights a little, but if you miss a turn you have to keep going straight and they bar you from making a turn to go back. intersection after intersection, no turns allowed till they run tourists out of town. i sure could have used a tourguide. i ended up in cape cod.

The brothers never visit here. Only us lowlifes.

Yeah, Boston is a mess. I’ve lived north of Boston for over a 1/2 century and my son used to live in Boston. It’s a challange driving there, even for me.

I’ve heard Boston is awesome so I wish I could figure it out and go enjoy it some. I was touring New England on my way back across country. I found Providence RI to be a lot easier to get around for a newbie tourist. And Cape Cod was laid back with nice scenery. I probably shouldn’t have picked a Friday to drive through the Cambridge area either.