The Walmart drive-in

Another case of “The harder I pushed on the brake pedal, the faster it went”?

Naaah, the farmer that owns the truck was just delivering produce to the Walmart personally.

I hope no one was hurt in that escapade. That’s a long way into the store.

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walmarts in my town have big bollards. truck would really want to drive thru doors. Could come in from side though? Ain’t going to stop a thief.

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Same here. I told my wife, “watch were you’re going.
She says “I am”, then smack into the bollard. Fortunately she was driving a shopping cart, not the car.

7-11 near me has had three drive in customers before they installed bollards.

Have never seen any vehicle get that far into a store.

“You folks don’t mind if I replace my clutch here, right?” :wink: