Parking, at Walmart




I wish that is a Photo Shop but I doubt it .


Can’t be true. They never clean out the cart corrals. From afar, they do look like empty stalls though.

Not to get off track, but it’s been slow here, The place is a total pit. I needed some more deo and print cartridges’ last trip. Changed their whole line of deo so don’t have anymore (wife is particular). On to print cartridges. Behind locked cabinet now so had to track down a lady and she told me they don’t have those numbers, so I pointed to which ones I wanted. Finally got the glass doors open but had to wait and wait and wait for her to try and get them locked up again. Couldn’t leave because she had to ring them up lest I steal them. I understand their staffing and marketing issues but I’m starting to wonder if they are heading back around to unsustainability. As we learned in marketing, that ole pendulum keeps swinging back and forth. Like a car/plane/boat, neither are any good. If all your departments suck, what’s the point? Crap clothing, hardware, electronics, not much in office supplies, etc. Drugs and groceries hanging on. Especially if you can’t be open 24/7 anymore.

Sorry. I hate that place.

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so how do you really feel. LOL


I don’t shop there

Never have

Never will

I’m not looking to start an argument

I’m just stating a fact

The store where I work has similar cart corral’s but with a middle divider so this only happens in the places where you’re supposed to leave your cart in spaces in between a couple planters. The one’s closest to the building occasionally have a car parked in them, once other customers decided to have some fun and pushed every cart they could find and blocked the car in.


It is good parking strategy to avoid shopping cart dings; ironic, but true.
I actually go to WM often, the only place around here that is open late, can buy engine oil, razors, printer paper, etc with one trip.
But agree with @Bing that it has gone downhill. Had to wait quite a few minutes for them to unlock the Tylenol, as if I am buying dope. Also, not stocked properly at all, maybe it is the pandemic.
I learned, for most stuff, it is best to buy online and pick up in store. Less time wasted.


It’s hopeless to expect to get someone to unlock a cabinet, so I order all that stuff on-line. The pickup, at least around here, is outside, meant for people in cars with 'smart’phones. I go on bicycle and lack 'smart’phone, so I have to knock on the door then hand a slip with the number on it, which discombobulates them because they can’t read.

I wanted tubes for my bicycle tires, but they wouldn’t let me pick them up, even though they have them in a locked cabinet, so I ordered enough stuff to get free shipping, but they shipped only some of it, made me pick up the other.

Bike stuff is locked up, even cheap stuff, as are lots of tools. It’s not drugs. The abusable drugs aren’t available in a locked shelf. Apparently people steal some things.


To return this to an automotive theme, a couple of years ago I picked up a bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil at Wally World, and the self checkout would not process the purchase until someone came over and verified that I was an adult. I understand the concern about some cold medicines possibly being used to make Methamphetamine, but can/do people really make some sort of dope from Marvel Mystery Oil?



Unfortunately for a lot of people it’s the only store within 50 miles.

I shop there when I have to.

My big question with the car is - How’d he/she exit and enter the vehicle?


Climb throught the window??

Is that really worth it to park a little closer?

I have had two times when someone backed into me while I was driving down the aisle in the Walmart parking lot. The damage was only cosmetic and the insurance of the party that hit me paid for the repair.
Since Walmart is about a half mile from my house, I often go there. The staff at my local Walmart have always been friendly and helpful.

90% of the staff at my local WalMart don’t speak English. You can’t ask them for help finding anything unless you speak Spanish (which I don’t).

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Guess you better learn, @MikeInNH. :blush:. Maybe all of us should learn a little. It worked for GW Bush. We’re all getting a little more like Texas in that respect.

@MikeInNH Here is one example of how helpful our local Walmart staff has been for me: I went to Walmart one evening to pick up a few items. I had used the self scan to check out. When I got out to my van, I realized that my wedding band was not in my finger. I went back into the store. The person overseeing the self scan area helped me search and got a couple other workers to help find my ring. It didn’t turn up. When I got home, I found it on the garage floor at my house. I went back to Walmart to thank them. They were still looking for my ring. Now my ring isn’t of great monetary value, but it is the best we could afford when we got married.
I know customers can sometimes be nasty to Walmart personnel. I was in the checkout lane and the customer ahead of me was giving the clerk fits. The checkout employee was very patient with the unruly customer. When I got up to the cash register, I complimented the young checkout girl about how patient she had been with the customer. The checkout cashier started to cry and said, “That’s the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me since I started working here”.
To keep this auto related: Some years back I took the Ford Aerostar I owned to Walmart for an oil change on a Saturday afternoon. The service man doing the oil change had his portable radio on full blast to a broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera and was listening to the music while he worked.

It’s not Spanish here, they don’t work at WalMart but it’s Somolies. Try learning that language. Thing is there are over ten main languages spoken to try and cover the majority and well over 20 if you really want to cover it. That’s why English has become the business language of choice. So pretty hard to learn them. It’s not French, German, Spanish, Italian anymore. Not your father’s Oldsmobile like they say.

I was at the junk yard once and a Mexican was there buying a part. He didn’t speak English but he had his young daughter there interpreting back and forth. I was impressed. Just like 100 years ago.

Oh gee, been there. I noticed mine gone late one night. (Not the original though after 50 years but better.) I hadn’t been anywhere due to the lock down. I searched for two days-garage floor, washer, car, etc. with no luck and most places 2 or 3 times. Gave up and we ordered a new one. Two days later it showed up in the washing machine. My guess is it was on the shag rug in the bath room and came off after a shower (but I had checked), and turned up when the rug was washed. Canceled the new one.

You do feel terrible though. Not the monetary value but the sentiment. We turned the wife’s original keepsake into a necklace some years ago. I was between college and active duty so had to make sure I could pay for it before I left.

@Bing I took two years of German and wished I had practiced speaking it after the courses were completed. I was almost to the point I could think in German rather than translate back to English. I would really like to be bilingual.
The same applies to using the metric system. I owned a Ford Aerostar with a digital readout for the speedometer. I could press a button and the speedometer and odometer would give the speed and distance in kilometers. I often set the readout to metric to try to think in kilometers rather than have to translate to miles and miles per hour. However, I traded the Aerostar before I was thinking distances in kilometers and speed in kilometers per hour.

I had German in high school and college. On a trip, I thought I had rented a car in German for a quick trip the next morning to a town with my name sake. When I came down to the desk at 5 am, a taxi and driver was waiting. She was very nice anyway and only cost me 100 euro. I decided to order breakfast in English after that.

In high school when my boss at that time heard I was taking German, he said what for, half the world speaks Spanish.

I hated languages in High-school. I avoided taking them in college. I majored in Computer Science. I wanted to get a dual major (CS and Math). But for my BS in Math - 2 semesters of German were required…so I didn’t. Instead I got my MS in applied Mathematics - just 10 math classes and no thesis.