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Quickly Lube Funny, not a?

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

They probably tried to tell the owner “your quarter panel fluid was low, making this inevitable. It needs a $1500 quarter panel fluid flush, the paint filter needs replaced too.”

You see how the man directing was not kneeling? Don’t kneel and direct(you can’t get out of the way quick enough) Wonder who was driving, employee or customer?

People don’t appreciate the concentration required to stay safe in the shop

Wow. Sure wouldn’t want to be in the pit on that one.

I’d guess a customer (maybe elderly?) was behind the wheel on that one. Most employees are generally careful enough to straddle the hole or rack without missing one that badly.

Question is…Who drove it in??

Owner??? or Quick Lube employee??

Around here most car owners drive them in.
It’s a sue-happy country and that strategically placed surveillance camera was probably put there just for this reason; to protect the business when someone does something like this.

The employee is frantically waving them off from the start and the driver didn’t even slow up.

That’s the cleanest Quickie Lube I’ve seen. Was that the 1st customer of the day I wonder? Great start to the day, call the manager!!!


Congratulations on your skill inserting an animated gif with autoplay and loop, I did not even think it possible!

“Wonder who was driving, employee or customer?”

It had to be an employee. Their insurance won’t even allow the customer to walk through the garage. Not that it would matter. An employee directed the drive to come ahead, despite the poor alignment with the pit.

My first thoughts concerned anyone in the pit, too.

“The employee is frantically waving them off from the start and the driver didn’t even slow up.”

Not until it was too late.

I maintain this is driver error all the way and the employee is blameless.

Note the arm signals, the speed of the car, and the point at which the employee is frantically waving.
That car is pulling in way too fast and if one figures human reaction time at a half second minimum (and much slower if the employee is panicked and assuming he’s about to be flattened) that car is going to cover a lot of ground in a full second.

It looked like the employee was waving them to move over to the left a bit more

I would have guessed that pits were not allowed in repair facilities any more, not that I would be able to find one in New Orleans even if they were.

We still have them here in WI.

It had to be an employee.

Not true, There is a quick change by my former residence that directed customers in (it’s not a wise thing to do).

Or a customer, there are some quick lubes that let customers pull in (but it’s not wise).


i know this may seem not PC, i’m suspecting teenage girl, on cell phone, putting on makeup. oops, i cant believe i said/thought that!

I didn’t state it either but that was an option that crossed my mind other than the elderly comment I made.

Guess the PC Police will be getting a warrant for you later amd the AARP will sic the dogs on me…