So, it's not a drive-in?

Who knew? :smirk:

Luckily, only the driver was injured.

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Crazy, dang who moved the gas pedal to the right?

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I am going to guess that this was yet another case of…
The harder I pressed on the brake pedal, the faster it went.


well, it said drive- thru. LOL

Probably got his order wrong at the drive through, so drove in to talk to the manager.

Looks like a drive part way in!

it would be the only way to do so at our local Wendy’s, they’ve had the doors locked on drive-thru/curbside only for over a year now

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How do you flip the car inside the building?


It takes a lot of practice, while simultaneously chanting…
The harder I step on the brake pedal, the faster it goes.


Don’t forget, you also have to open a salt packet and throw the contents from your left hand over your right shoulder too

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Probably hit something outside with one wheel that acted like a ramp, making him do a half-barrel roll as he went through the wall.


That appears to be the case, from the video on South Brunswick (NJ) PD’s Twitter:

No serious injuries from that!? That’s a testament to modern crash safety design.


That doesn’t look like the picture of this crash at all, but I did enjoy seeing it.

Oh you’re right, this one hit the corner and the table outside. It’s the only one I found from the last year though… You’d think something like this would have made the news?