When this news article is updated

… I am fairly confident that the driver will say something along the lines of…
The harder I stepped on the brake pedal, the faster the car went.

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See what happens when folks from New Jersey don’t winter in Florida. In a normal year that would have happened in Boca Raton, Lauderdale or Boynton Beach.


I feel like most of the time I see cars hit the side of a CVS, ironically right below the sign that says “Drive Thru”



My friend’s Accord was T-boned in NJ by a woman from FL, and I overheard her telling the cop, “The harder I stepped on the brake, the faster my car went”.

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Yeah, if not your friend, might have been me getting hit! Gotta look both ways EVEN IF you have the green!

Its not so much NJ drivers (or NY, or Delaware…) being the cause, more the concentration of elderly or inattentive drivers… snowbirds AND locals… that seem to be involved in the storefront crashes.

Cannot tell you how many times my heels got run unto by a grocery cart in the aisle of the store, soon as I heard there’s no bargains here I learned to move fast, and yes the same people are driving cars.

Turns out the driver was suffering a heart attack as he lost control. What I can’t figure out is that store has robust looking bollards in front of the entrance to prevent intrusion. The driver went through them with a Hyundai Elantra like they were toothpicks.

I’m curious as to where you found that info.
Every local news source has no update as to the actual cause of that accident.

From a cherry hill cop who lives a few houses from me.

It was also just on Channel 6 Action News (WPVI Philadelphia)

We could have had this happen at the grocery store where i work but in this case the driver was headed the other way, launched over the landscaping between our lot and the back of the Pier One which had been closed for weeks.