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The Price of Fuel on the Rise

What is the best fuel treatment that no one knows about.


I’ve been using it for about a month and am averaging about an extra 113 miles per tank and my car has more pep.

I thought I should share this with you

All I can think to say is:

Here’s a photo of your bull crap “fuel treatment” being delivered:

So, Lawrence, can you provide for me a technical explanation of how your magic elixer works?

(I can’t wait to hear this one).

Really quite simple. It contains a Burn Rate Modifier, which reduces the temperature of combustion from 1200 degrees to 800 degrees, therefore you use more fuel to run the vehicle and less is burned out the exhaust pipe.

or just watch this.

Mr. Team,

Did you know that if you make unrealistic claims for a product so as to cheat the public, you can get the FTC on your case?

Your claims may, however, have a grain of truth. I can drive hard one month; easy the next and get an extra 113 miles per tank. If I occasionally step harder on the gas, my car has more pep too.

Your post did not directly attribute the extra miles and increase in pep to the product; only attempted to associate the product with the claims.

However if your result are documented for the last 20 years, that you don’t have to answer to any skeptics.

If you would like to see for yourself go the and enjoy yourself!!!

My late great uncle increased the gas mileage and performance of his car by putting mothballs in the gas tank–6 mothballs per tankful. This boosted the octane and he could set the spark advance up. We are talking about a Model T Ford and the spark advance was on the steering column.

This stuff is dangerous. I read the website and laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair and hurt myself.

It makes the fuel burn faster, making it act like higher octane fuel (which, in reality, ignites LESS readily)? And it does this without causing preignition (which is what too-fast a burn rate does (pinging is a secondary wavefront…oh, nevermind).

It reduces the combustion temperatures from 1200 to 800 degrees…enabling more complete combustion? Those two claims are directly contradictory. Higher combustion temmperatures create more complete combustion, and great effort has bee made to elevate them to the extend pssible while still being able to deal with the adverse side effects of higher temps, preignition and elevated nitrogen oxides.

I’ll stop here. This stuff is a riot.

And, by the way, this forum is a place to help people in need, not a place to peddle magic elixers. Go peddle elsewhere. I have an idea, whay not actually PAY to advertise, the way legitimate companiies do?

This one has scientfic crediibility. Too bad that when calculsted in cost per mile the moth balls were so much more expensive than the gasoline…