Gas reformulators and Oil Additives



I very carefully read the label and did what it said and,


I always always always got up to 419 miles when the low fuel light came on. It didnt come on until 490!!

4 freaking 90!! How can that be?

I drive the same roads six days a week at the same time with very little deviation. The truck has a 33 gallon tank and I buy 32 gallons every Wednesday at the same Ugas. Now I can drive ONE WHOLE EXTRA DAY on that same tank of fuel.

Our family has three cars on the road. They are are all going to get it as soon as I can get more.

I was never one for these snake oil products but it does work for me

I found this stuff while looking for a way to reduce emissions. Of course it supposed to do that too but I dont know how to have it tested.

The bad news is that its a network marketing thing. But it can be bought without joining but you wont get the %25 discount

The website is at


One tank of fuel doesn’t mean much, and you haven’t even bothered to calculate mpg. The sensor for the low fuel light could be varying. Let us know if you’re still getting the same results after a few months.

Snake oil is still snake oil. If there were a miraculous way to get extra mileage out of motor fuel, it would be in every gallon sold.


Well well well. It appears this is the OP’s first and only post and it smells a lot like SPAM with a little snake oil on it. Could it be just that?

In over 40 years of driving, I have seen many many such claims and so far not one of them was ever true.

Anyone want to buy one of those 100 mpg carburetors, I have a few samples I stole from area 51? .


Congratulations on finding a miracle product. Keep using it. It works for you!

The rest of us know that snake oil is still snake oil. Thus it will always be. Ciao.


Another post by someone with a vested interest in yet another snake oil product.


Heck yes, I want a 100 mpg carburetor. I thought the government had locked all of them up underground somewhere in Nevada. How much? More to the point, how did you get one?


You wouldn’t happen to have a set of those gas line magnets lying around would you? Every little bit helps!


The OP’s posting is an exact copy of a posting in:

What’s interesting, is that in that forum, a poster named Annhouse posted the above OP’s entry. And the above OP (jrannis) added replies to support the main thread.

As a result of the OP’s various posts, he conflicts with himself on the kind of vehicle he has and the mileage gains he’s getting.

Tsk tsk


It’s called spamming the board. A Free commercial for a dubious product…Isn’t it about time for another round of Acetone miracle mileage claims?


Must be a division of Amway. :wink:


I couldn’t help but wondering if the product is, in fact, acetone. It just won’t go away!


I added the magnets, the vortex generator, and used the OP’s additive. My car is making gas now.

By the way, I tried to look up the OP’s website to see what kind of snake th oil was from. My search engine couldn’t find it.


The “4E” business that is behind this stuff was created in Nevada last year. The senior management/owners of this business seem to have their names associated with several other previous dealings that only add more suspicion to this “gas saving” product.


jrannis, you have met with more than a few skeptics and I agree that your claim is doubtful. What do you have to say in defense of your claim?


Hello OP! Still there?

The link provided by JoeMario and the personal info about this person in that link also resembles the profile of another person who popped up on this forum last year promoting a “gas saving” chemical.
I do not remember what the substance was, but it was not ethos and of course, it also promised the world.


I am at 1/8th of a tank and have gone 417miles. The low fuel light comes on when the needle is in the red.
I figure I can get another 60+ miles easy.
I have been watching the fuel guage this way since the truck was new in 2006. Its a 6.0 Duramax engine.
Looks like going from 13.5 to 13.9 to around 15+mpg. Ill post this every where I can. It works.
I can drive around tomorrow and not have to fill up until Friday. Thats about a 4 gallon savings from 3 dollars worth of snake oil. Thats a free lunch!
BTW the only people that make money in MLM programs are the people that sell the books and videos.


Sorry about that Joe. I cut and pasted my comments from another forum. Didnt realize the different name until just now. Thanks for the heads up.


Not me, I just found this stuff. I think that if I found something that would help I would pass along the info. I didnt know this was an Exxon stock holders site.
Its not acetone or mothballs its mineral oil with some kind of esters in it. Not petro based, no odor and non toxic.
They said if I didnt like it they would refund my money. I would be inclined to buy more with the info I have


Quote: “Not petro based”


Exactly where do you think Mineral Oil comes from? Mineral Oil is most definitely “petro based”!

If you don’t believe me, try researching the topic and see what you find. If someone is naive enough to believe that mineral oil is not “petro based” then it is easy to see how that person could be induced to waste money on a pyramid scheme’s snake oil.


Not to worry. This isn’t a Exxon stockholder’s site.

The truth is that it didn’t take many of us long to do a simple google search for “ethos fuel additive” to see both 1) numerous claims like yours from MLM sites, and 2: numerous additional sites exposing the hoax that ethos really is.

Doing an additional google search in newsgroups (under Groups) finds lots more interesting comments about it.