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eeFuel & MPG Nanotechnology

A friend has exhorted me to try a fuel additive called eeFuel by H2Oil ( and I am curious to know what potential benefit (or damage) that it might do. They claim 25% better fuel efficiency.

Anyone know about this product?

This product is too new for there to have been any proper evaluation of it. It is not likely to cause any damage but don’t expect to see an iota of improvement. Don’t fall for the ‘nanotechnology’ jargon. Save your money. Assume it is just another of the numerous scams going around.

Anyone can make claims, and it can take quite a while for the Federal Trade Commission and/or various Attorneys General to shut them down because of false claims. Until their unsubstantiated claims are validated by an independent testing organization with credibility, I would suggest that you save your money.

I will give them credit, however, for picking up on the latest jargon and buzz-words to use in their advertising. Nano-technology is cutting-edge in its high-tech nature and its newness, and placing an “e” or an “i” in front of a word makes it seem very techological and current. However, jargon and buzz-words do not make something valid or useful.

In fact, the disclaimer that follows the boast of “up to 25% improvement in gas mileage” tells you that this is not a sure thing due to many variables. Trust me, when you do not achieve the touted “up to 25%” improvement, you will be told that one of those variables (vehicle condition, weather conditions, driving habits, etc.) is to blame.

Incidentally, if you were to get a .5% improvement in gas mileage, that would indeed come under the category of “up to 25%” improvement.

Nanotechnology is at it’s infancy. The manufacturing is still very very expensive. I can’t see how anything made using Nanotechnology is going to be cheap enough for this type of application.

I don’t know for sure…but I’ll BET it’s a complete scam.

Nanoclusters, they not only increase your fuel mileage but they scrub your cylinders clean! Get some today!

Sorry, I’m gonna wait this one out. I’m not “buying” it.

Sounds like the claims made for Teflon added to oil (STP as I recall) and as it turned out it damaged engines.  

My suggestion is to stay far away from it, even if they are paying you to post messages like this.  

Everyone wants an easy cure, but the only easy cure is to drive better and slower to get better mileage and or buy a smaller fuel efficient car or drive less.  Those ideas are free.

That’s a great new use for techno-jargon. I suppose that if the Mendocino County motor pool confirmed the manufacturer’s assertions independently, it would make the information more believable.

It’s just one of a thousand scams IMHO. They spout the same old fake scientific gibberish about fuel clusters, yada, yada, yada that is used by the other 999 scams artists.

Using the word “green” to play on emotions is a pretty common propoganda trick.

To those who have posted a reply any and ALL FUEL ADDITIVES MUST BE REGISTERED with the EPA.

Oil additives do not like STP. This product has been registered since 1990 in the US. Independant tests have been performed by China 10 years testing, Italy, England, Holland and is used by The United Nations. Nanotechnology is not new or in it’s infancy stages you just don’t hear a lot about it. I just got from vacation and just started using the product, I will let you know the results. It’s not a scam but don’t take my word for it, just do a little research. Here is the site the information that is in the recognitions and independent testing tab, review it then go to the OFFICIAL GOVENRMENT SITE and find the info. That’s what I did.

Nano technology doesn’t mean anything. Translated it means small technology. Do they use nanites from science fiction or just small scrubbing bubbles from some detergent. You can get the same result by adding amway spreader sticker in the same amounts.

If it has been around for 25 years as claimed the state of California who is the toughest epa tester would have been on it like bees to pollen. China testing anything is like a sharp shooter using a shot gun. They hit all over the place.