What about "Moletech"?


Anyone have any information on the"Moletech Fuel Saver"

device? Is this yet another scam, or does this product actually increase gas mileage?


Of course it’s a scam. Since I’ve never heard of this one I took at look at it AFTER my first sentence and sure enough; scam verified.
The same tired old bogus breaking up fuel clusters crap yet again.


Scam. There are no “devices” that increase mileage. If it worked, every car would come with one from the factory.

In case you missed it, this device is a SCAM.


Quite frankly, there is no compelling evidence one way or the other. This lack of evidence is enough to allow us to confidently place this device in the category of worthless junk. Keep your wallet closed.


weellllllll, very fancy but it oughta be for $300, there again it does come with a ‘Pocketbook’.

I read thier proof of concept executive summary from some CA private environmental company that states fuel savings were realized but it doesn’t quantify.

I’d sooner dump a bottle of Techron in my tank every 3 months, it does most of the things Moletech claims - excluding of course the molecular transmogrification. $300 buys you enough Techron for 10 years, and it’s easier to install. Without factual gas savings you can’t calculate your return on investing the money to buy this thing, it may save you fuel but it could take you 40 years to recover the cost of buying it.

Therefore a qualified and very fancy SCAM.

But if you decide to buy it anyway, don’t forget to also purchase one of those vortex swirly air thingies…


I don’t see how a company can survive without having a phone number or address with which to contact them by. Though I can tell their either in England or Ausieland because they use the term petrol in stead of gasoline


I just hope that the OP will politely accept (or reject) our opinions on this product and will not repeatedly DEMAND that we back up our opinions with hard evidence.

This site is one where people ask for opinions on car-related issues, and I have a very difficult time understanding why someone would ask for our opinions and then continue to demand that we back up those opinions with research studies, magazine articles, etc. If someone does not like our opinions, he/she can feel free to ignore them.

To continue to badger those giving their opinions free-of-charge is just inappropriate, given the price that the questioner is paying for those opinions.