Am I Missing Something?

All of you regulars know I’m new to the forum . In multiple page threads does anyone besides me have problems distinguishing which page of the thread they’re on by looking at the row of page numbers at the bottom of the pages ?

Improving the numbers was a suggestion on a post by admin a while back when suggestions for improvements were being sought. It is hard for me also.

Yes. It’s very difficult to discern the difference between the black and the blue numbers at the bottom of the page. In fact, I didn’t discover the diff until I got a new computer last year.

It should be easy to denote the present page with a number that is a very noticeably different color from the rest of the numbers.

The details are coming but we are in the process of updating the community. The page numbers are an issue for everyone. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

I hover my cursor on the top of the page/on the tab and it would say what page I am on. Not ideal, but then again, life can not be always perfect,

Yep. expanding the type can help or I’ve got a magnifying glass close by but usually I’m not two or three pages behind anyway.

No matter how much I enlarge the numbers they are all black.

sloepoke, they ve been in the process of updating the community for quite a while now…

…anyday day now.

…send your recommendations to Cartalk , printed on a 20 dollar bill, and results will be forthcoming…, or fifthcoming…

…maybe the second coming will come first…

well, its happened again…

Well, you know, these goal dates are a moving target, @wesw. Some folks said the second coming was supposed to happen last week, but then revised the projection to say it would happen in December. I heard they pushed the Armageddon deadline back because they’re doing focus groups to pick the optimal color scheme for the page numbers in the guestbook of the Great Beyond. What didn’t make it into the news coverage was they unsuccessfully applied to be the project managers on the new Car Talk Community. Fortunately, our crew is more reliable. :wink:

In seriousness, the redesign is not far off at all.

These “Web Designers” will fix this problem, but they will redesign the site the way that they want. They will not just take the dozen biggest complaints and fix them…the entire site will have to be changed to satisfy their egos.

Like the person who goes to the dealer for a rattling heat shield because one nut fell off.
They cannot justify replacing one nut for 50 cents and three minutes of labor and make money.
They need to replace the heat shield with a new one and install a new serpentine belt to make it look like they know what they are doing. Then they can justify that $200 bill.

I’m sure it would take near to no time for an expert to just add a underline…under the page number you are on.

I have a feeling that when the new site is up, I’ll have to have the grand kids come over to show me how to navigate it.


Oh no not another redesign.

A redesign, that, from past experience, will fix 5 bugs and introduce 10 new ones.

And be more difficult to navigate.

I actually really like the current design. just underline the page.

The only real issue I have with the current design is that I would like to see the thread starters (OP) name next to the title along with the name of the last responder.

I’ll bet we don’t get another “ALL THE REST” page like there was years ago.

I don’t know why there would be a redesign. Especially if cartalk has to pay for the redesign.

Other than underlining the page you are on, I would like to see the original post at the top of the page you are on.
Then if you want to comment after being on page 5, you can just scroll up to read the particulars of a post…the year and make, or some other detail that you need for responding.

Many times I’m in the middle of my response and need to open the thread in another window to refresh my memory on the details. If I go back to page one in the middle of my response, I’ll lose what I’ve already written and have to start over.

Hopefully they won’t change everything.


Why is it that if you are on a web page that is designed to sell you something it is clear and self directing to give you the information that will lead you to buy, but if someone is selling you a website they load it with “features” that make if opaque and difficult to navigate and requiring the user to click on menus or links that no logical person would connect with what you are trying to find?