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The new format

It took me some time to learn and get used to it, but now that I am I wanted to comment that I like the new format much better.

The one thing I’d like to see is dates added.

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I agree! When looking at a a post I can’t find when it was posted or the date of the latest comment.

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I will get used to the new format eventually but I don’t like it as well as the old one. What exactly was wrong with the old format anyway? Changing just because you can is not progress in any sense of the word.`


You can see the date by hovering your mouse pointer over the elapsed time display in the upper right corner of the post. Hover over the 1h and see the full date and time. The blue dot means it’s new since you last looked.

Not a super big fan of the new format, especially if I’m viewing on mobile but having been exposed to so many updates over the years, I know enough to give it some time. The next time it changes, people will be lamenting how the “old” format was so much better :wink:

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Hi @the_same_mountainbik - thanks for your feedback. The dates are in a bit of a different place than they appeared in our old format. The post creation date appears in the shaded gray row in the box of the original question – I believe it is sometimes hidden until one clicks on the down arrow.

In threads where there are lots and lots of replies, there is a scrollbar/timeline that appears off to the right and it indicates, for instance, something was created in March '14 and it adjusts to show when follow-ups were posted.

We didn’t actually change it because we all got bored and wanted to introduce a little chaos. As I believe Mike mentioned in another thread, the technology on the back end of the site programming evolves, and since evolves, too, this was an option that would mesh with whatever those plans involve. Must admit that I only work on the community, and my skills are more in the human realm, rather than that of machines. :wink:

I wonder if people would like the look better if the red borders came back. My only complaint, and it’s so small as to not really qualify as a complaint, is that there’s a LOT of white space going on.

NO! Make mine a vote AGAINST the red borders!

I agree. I did not care for the garish red borders. I used to check in at lunch, but stopped when the garish red borders came along.

I was never a huge fan myself, but got used to them over time. I suppose the thing that bugs me about the white space is that I have this nice big, huge, widescreen monitor, and the actual discussion text is the size of an old 14" CRT from 1995. Spanning the text across the whole screen would be hard for some to read, but shrinking the margins like that and leaving nothing but acres of white to the sides doesn’t work either. A happy medium would be nice, but if it doesn’t happen I won’t be bothered.