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Post sorting

Why when I open Cartalk are random old posts mixed in near the top of the list and why don’t the dates of the posts appear so you will know not to bother opening them?

Are you clicking on the box at the top that says (Latest) ? That should only show you the most recent posts and while have the time at the far right.

Yes, but if I want to revisit recent posts, why are they not listed in order of newer first?

Sorry, I guess I don’t understand your question. All I know is when you open a thread at the far right you can see when it started at the top of the page and at the bottom will show last post to the thread.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, either. What I see when I open the site are all the topics with those with most recent replies up first. What do you see when you see random old discussions?

I believe what you are seeing is an old post that some resurrected by responding to it, even when it is years old. I.e the thread" Had Enough?". The post is years old, but someone, for whatever reasons, decided to respond to it after all that time.

That post is then automatically moved to the top of all threads as a “most current” post.

@cdaquila- May have found what is confusing the OP. On some of those really long old threads the only time you see at the right is the last post time. You have to scroll up to see the original start date.

I still wish all threads would close after being inactive for 90 days. I see no purpose wading through tons of comments years old only to add more comments.

@cdaquila gave us the secret some time ago. Before opening a post you can move the curser to the last post time on the right. It will display the time/date of the original post and the same for last post. My problem is remembering to do this.

What I see is apparently is replies to very old posts. This used to happen
occasionally on the old site, but seems to happen much more often now. It
would be helpful if you could tell how old the original post is.

This is now the land of never closed posts.

Maybe you should do away with those “suggested posts” at the bottom of each thread. They seem to be the source of all this discontent.