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My good folks, lately there have been a number of years-old threads popping back out of the grave. Enough for the average diagnostician to suspect a glitch. I have noticed that dates such as the “last post” date or the “original post” date aren’t obvious in the menu of thread titles, and wonder if having it obvious would prevent dead-and-buried thread from popping back out of their graves three, four, five years later… which would be now.

My suggestion? See above. :nerd:


Morning, @the_same_mountainbik. I’ve never owned a car but I have been watching the issue and trying to apply a little amateur diagnostics myself. Perhaps others can help offer some info - it seems like either OPs or others who have similar issues are reviving the threads. I know suggestions are made when one is making a new thread - are the “revivers” seeing he old threads and visiting? We can’t batch-archive threads. I’m thinking out loud.

Personally, I don’t see much harm in these discussions being revived. In the old system I archived by date. Sometimes here it’s been a totally unrelated discussion and I or Victoria can break it off, but some of these threads seem evergreen and the talk continues like four years didn’t elapse.

That said, I’m not going to ignore it. But if a five year old discussion floats to the top and you spot it in the wild, so to speak, with no new posts, that’s definitely odd and shouldn’t be happening. When you open them, pls open and check off to the right. I have not seen any untouched old threads acting brand new.

Thanks for the tip.

I can see why trying to close old threads in this new format would be time consuming. I would like to have the option of the original poster being able to close their own threads. In my case some have been high jacked or just plain went past their sell date.

The old threads that appear seem to be opened by someone , not because of a glitch.

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What?! BURN THE HERETIC! :wink:

Where I’ve noticed old threads showing up is in the “Suggested Topics” at the bottom of forum posts. I think I figured out why. They’re all threads that I started back on the old system, and for some reason the new system is assuming I haven’t read any of the replies. They’re arranged in descending date order, so I imagine if I started fewer topics than I do, I’d see really old stuff in there, but might not notice that it’s really old (or even remember that I started them).

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I have actually enjoyed some of the “revived” threads. Checking the original date is easy. My remembering to check? Not so easy.

I’ve seen some boards, and in the past even this board, some of the regulars get tired of answering the same questions over and over. So the regulars suggest that the poster do a search for similar questions.

Some of these new posters maybe doing that search, but still need additional help so they resurrect the old thread to show that they have done the search. You may see this as hijacking, but it does save a lot of time.

Now those who decide to add another piece of advice or info to a long ago settled question, too little and way too late. That is just annoying.