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The fuel shark?

Seriously? the news is going to report that this light bulb actually works? How in the world can the fuel shark help with gas milage? It stablizes the electrical system?

I love the stream of consciousness posts (not really though).

I wonder, just_ducki, if it occurs to your that the rest of the world is not inside of your head. A contextual reference for your thoughts usually goes a long way to being able to converse with others about whatever you decide to blurt.

If you’re referrring to the site below then yes it’s a scam to the nth degree. The reason this product exists is because the sucker pool apparently has no bottom.

That has got to be the DUMBEST gas saving product EVER. But I’m sure they’ll sell THOUSANDS because the world is full of stupid schmucks.

Complete scam. I actually get more bothered by the news reports that get suckered in, they’re the ones that are supposed to check these things out.

Just on today.

@bscar: Is there a hidden meaning there? lol

It is pure 100% synthetic serpent lubricant.

That station violated its obligation of checking basic facts. Burns me up.
In Tom and Ray’s back yard, no less!

It’s disgusting that a TV station and some low watt reporter will run a fable like this as news and give it an air of legitimacy but that’s about the norm for the so-called news anymore.
I’ve often wondered if many of these TV news reports (?) are actually mini-infomercials with the stations getting paid a fee by a manufacturer or distributor of a product to produce a 2-3 minute blurb to be presented as news fact. Not that the station would ever 'fess up to it though.

I don’t know who the auto technician is in that story but he has zero credibility.

Take a look at ANY TV network or any TV station…They ALL will sell advertisement to these worthless scums who sell build and market these products…And I’m not talking just about the fuel saving devices…There isn’t one infomercial I’ve ever seen that wasn’t selling a completely worthless rip-off product. Sorry to all you people who bought the belly-cruncher. The market for bogus products is in the BILLIONS…and people keep buying and buying and buying. There are laws in place to prevent this…but for some reason they are NEVER EVER enforced until the company has made MILLIONS…then it’s a slap on the wrist fine and they start a new company. Look at Kevin Trudeau…and his BOGUS books and scam products…How can someone like him still be in business…and NOT behind bars is beyond belief.

Very true, Mike, but this was a supposed ‘news story’, not an informercial. Might as well have been one, the scammers will make lots of sales linking to that ‘journalistic’ piece of junk.

Your television is delivered by corporations. Corporations are not independent of each other and at this point most media outlet ownership is controlled by a very small number of very large companies. They, like all other corporations, have one primary legal obligation. That obligation is not to deliver news. It is to generate value for shareholders. The distinction between “news” and advertising has been blurry for a long time & gets more blurry all of the time. I finally gave up on my own NBC affiliate local news back around the holidays when they ran a “news” report about a giant shoe sale at one of the dept stores at the local mall. I just can’t turn that channel on anymore.

Love it or loathe it I’ll defend public radio & TV to the grave. Its not “clean” or “pure” but its far and away better than the commercial airwaves full of corporate muck.

Of course, there’s a good chance that this particular “fuel shark” report was just a misguided reporter looking for a relevant “current events” story. But its usually hard to tell.

Hammacher Schlemmer used to sell a similar gadget:

I think this is more useful:

I had several emails back and forth with H-S, they professed ignorance about the scam nature of that ‘gas saver’. I never heard back after sending them the link to the report documenting the complete failure to save gas with it.

The sad part is that many people who view a story like this and who may not have heard of this device or were unsure whether it would work will probably jump right on the PC and order it based on the testimonial of some (delusional IMO) soccer mom or what is an apparent hack mechanic.

Note the mechanic (word used loosely) in that story performed (allegedly) a test of 20 miles; one 10 mile hop with cruise control and one 10 mile hop without cruise. We’re supposed to believe that this guy can differentiate a .9 difference in fuel mileage based on such a short test distance and after throwing cruise control into the mix? Not for a second.

I personally think it’s hysterical.

My own electrical system is “clean” (no corroded connections) and “in balance” (the alternator is able to produce exactly the amount of electricity necessary to keep the battery fully charged). Adding another lightbulb would actually reduce gas mileage, by adding another draw on the battery, increasing current flow in the alternator windings, increasing the magnetic field, and thereby adding load to the armature and thus the crankshaft. I figure it’d reduce my mileage by perhaps .000124 MPG.

I think OK4450 called it perfectly. The sucker pool has no bottom. And even with all the people fishing in the pool currently there seems to always be room for one more fisherman.

So hidden that my post was removed. :smiley:

lol…wow. Not sure what that’s all about. I thought it was pretty good. Complaints, I guess? Dunno. Some peeps are really sensitive. I try not to worry. If we meet, I’ll buy you a beer, and we can chat. :slight_smile: